Daisy’s Day

Daisy dog-1Dear supporters of The Ark,  we have had our newly adopted Daisy now for about 7 weeks.  I had wanted a dog for over a year, having arrived in Maine from Massachusetts a year ago.  Any time I saw a dog or someone with their dog I was envious.  My thoughts were “Oh I would love a dog but…”  With lots of excuses to not adopt a dog for months, I went to The Ark’s website telling myself “I’m just going to look.”  There she was…the lovely Daisy.  I fell in love, BUT is still said “no” to myself.

Within a week I went back into the website 3 or 4 times and she was still there!  Two days later I called, drove to The Ark, and when they opened Daisy’s kennel we instantly bonded.  She is an ANGEL!  The Ark had taken such great care of her.  The Ark is beyond extraordinary in their care and professionalism of stray animals.  I am so grateful for this.  My husband and I just love Daisy.  She is a dream come true for me and my husband has fallen in love as well.  He was not as wanting of a dog as me, but his heart has melted.

Thank you to the wonderful people at The Ark and God bless the family  who were responsible in finding a safe shelter for this pet they could no longer support.  We are grateful for your courage and care for her.  We PROMISE TO LOVE AND CARE FOR YOUR PUPPY.   Thank you for anyone who has sent a donation to The Ark.  Your generosity has saved a wonderful, wonderful dog and given our family an Angel.
Love, Diane and Bill Horton