Bringing a new pet into your family is incredibly exciting as well as a major commitment. Many people have questions about the process of adopting from a shelter. If you are considering adopting a pet from The Ark, it is important that you first read and understand The Ark’s Adoption Policy available here. For your convenience, you may also want to download and fill out The Ark’s Adoption Application prior to your shelter visit.

Download Ark Adoption Policy (PDF)_

Download Ark Adoption Application (PDF)

Adoption Services

Before an animal is adopted and to enhance its chances for finding a forever home, each animal at The Ark receives individual attention and socialization, along with training and evaluation to observe and correct any potential behavioral problems.

The socialization program at The Ark creates a less stressful transition for the animals when they go to their forever homes. A personality profile is also kept for each animal, helping us answer any questions an adopter might have. All animals ready for adoption have received check-ups and any needed veterinary care, have been given temporary vaccinations against diseases, and have been wormed, groomed and checked for external parasites.