Education and Outreach

The Ark’s newest program, PiPpY (Positively inspiring Pet programs for Youths), will be launched in the fall of 2016. PiPpY is committed to building caring and compassionate citizens by inspiring our youth to lead and teach others the importance of animal welfare.

Animal shelters exist and care for animals each day who, through no fault of their own, have been displaced because they have received cruel and neglectful treatment by their adult owners. When a child learns that “pets are people too,” experiencing the same feelings we do—including hunger, pain, fear, and loneliness—it strengthens their compassion for both animals and humans.

Each phase of the program will be accompanied by a picture book, serving as a centerpiece to the curriculum. The books are free to children participating in the program, and available for purchase by the general public to help support PiPpY and its mission. The first book, Hope for Someday, will soon be available for purchase.